Monday, November 2, 2009

Body Products

This week's assignment was to design and create a product that connects or interacts with the human figure in some form or another. I created a wide variety ideas including:

Musical motion-sensing children's clothing. Keeps kids active by playing designated instruments as they run, jump, and spin around (music varies with each motion type). Currently researching the technology to make this happen. It's probably possible using a simple pedometer as the motion-sensor.

Currently working out the implementation of a design I've created for a women's necklace that converts into a pair of headphones (while still remaining a piece of jewelry). The purpose is that the headphones will not need to be stuffed into a pocket while not in the use. 


Glove-mounted leveling tool for those difficult times where you need to level something but do not have the extra hand to carry a level. May or may not feature a laser extending from the pointer finger and thumb (for right edges).

[see prototype designs]

Calling All Dogs 
Remote-Alert Canine Collar & Online Network - Owners of lost dogs can remotely trigger an audio announcement on their dog saying "please help, I am lost". Corresponding text messages will be sent to subscribing participants in the areas where the dog may be found. This helps with the problem of spotting a dog and not knowing if it is lost or allowed to be wandering around. It's essentially the modern "lost dog" sign.

TiFi and ScarFi
WiFi enabled tie and/or scarf(need to work on that second product name)

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  1. I like this concept. It would be awesome if, via behavioral conditioning, you could link this device to a GPS network and teach a dog to find his/her way back home. I'm imagining some pleasant sounds (rewards) if the receiver is pointing towards home and unpleasant sounds if the dog is getting moving further away from home or towards danger (i.e. major highways etc). The pleasant sound could be a voice recording of the owner calling the dog's name or a "good boy" call.