Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Reily Storyteller

This is an authentic, manually-powered Reily Storyteller. Hand-crafted in solid oak with a dark cherry finish, this beautiful device fits as well on a mantel as it does as a functional projector. The Reily Storyteller's most striking feature is the vertical oak carousel that smoothly revolves to shift from one projected image to the next, telling a story along the way. Story visuals can be written on the carousel's transparent film with a dry-erase marker and easily erased with a small cloth. The carousel is controlled by a series of authentic brass knobs that circumvent the circular oak piece.

The Reily Storyteller projects imagery on a screen in a calming red hue by way of a stainless steel LED flashlight that is freely mounted on a solid oak light stand. Equipped for flexibility, the light stand allows for any small flashlight to be dropped in as a replacement.

Why it Matters:
Consider this quote from the Kinkajou Design Journal (

One in five adults worldwide does not know how to read. In rural regions of West Africa, up to 75% of the population is illiterate. According to Barbara Garner of the World Education Organization, "It's the lack of resources"—specifically access to books and lighting—rather than the lack of interest in education that contributes to these numbers.
This simple, low-cost, low-power product could be bring access to education for many across the world who do not have the resources. With very little effort, reading lessons could written on the Storyteller's carousal and later erased when the class is complete, thus reduced paper waste as well.

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