Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Tool-Building Project

Experimenting with many different tool designs, trying to sketch and prototype as much as possible to get a feel for different tool designs. Considering a few different directions for the project as well:

Direction 1: Build a Simple Tool Set for People With Limited Space (e.g. Apartment Dwellers)

  • Goal: Limit materials, parts, tools, and needless technology (smart design)
  • Goal: Look for opportunities for transformable tools for toolset efficiency
  • Goal: Keep the overall size of the toolbox down while maintaining power and quality

Direction 2: Build Tools For People With Limited Dexterity 
  • Goal: Augment certain tasks that require fine dexterity or complex movements 
  • Goal: Limit materials, parts, tools, and needless technology (smart design)

Direction 3: Create Just-In-Time Wearable Tools
  • Goal: Create "invisible" tools that are there when you need them and gone when you don't
  • Goal: Avoid All-in-One, One-Man-Band gimmicks

Direction 4: Conceptualize the Future of Tools

  • Goal: Iron Man's workshop
  • Goal: Enable visually impaired people to work with tools


Direction 1 Concepts: Apartment Toolkit

Work Knuckles: Brass knuckles meet home improvement. Built-in hammer head and removable screw tip, and claw


Direction 2 Concepts: Augmenting Dexterity 
C-Grip Hammer and Screwdriver: Enables hammer and screwdriver functionality without requiring any extra wrist movement

Direction 3 Concepts: Wearable Tools
Level Rings: Ring-based leveling tool. Could be worn on one hand when not in use (e.g. climbing ladder)

Collapsable Level: Leveling mechanism that could be collapsed and put in a pocket.

Wrist-based Angler: Wrist-mounted, watch-style tool for measuring 0, 45, and 90 degree angles. Considering merging this with a watch (thanks Julian)

Direction 4 Concepts: Future of Tools
Coming Soon...

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