Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Illustration of Ideation

Where do good ideas come from? I've attempted to visualize it. This isn't perfect, but neither is the process itself! 


  1. I think it would be great to have a framework to generate positive ideas constantly. I would just like to add here that we might be assuming ideal condition.
    From my experience every challenge in a company company comes along with strict timelines, stress and with utter disregard of designers approach to solving a problem. The mangement also looks for a successful product, which limits creativity and makes the designer always adopt the safer path which in turn translates to incremental design improvement.
    Also every individual has his own way of raeching the peak of creativity and we should provide framework to leverage that. Imposing any framework may prove counter productive to the given objective..

    Pankaj Kashyap - SDM 11

  2. great insight Pankaj, and I completely hear your point on this. In my latest work (soon to be posted), I've been examining those different points-of-entry into the ideation process, be them deliberate or accidental. Matt Harper (SDM 10) and I have been developing a design framework I believe attempts to interject a great deal of creative freedom with a production-driven and structured environment. To me, it's really a matter of balance. Too much freedom can lead to a complete lack of tension, a factor that is critical towards instigating one's creative problem-solving abilities. Of course, on the other end is what your talking about, which in my mind is a lack of knowledge or respect of the importance of good design and product experience (my upcoming thesis topic). Thanks for the comment - would love to chat more if you're interested.